An Open Letter To Gregg Berhalter

Dear Gregg,

While many USMNT supporters are skeptical of your performance as head coach of the national team to this point in time, I would like to publicly say thank you.

Four years ago, you took one of the most challenging jobs in World Football. Being the coach of the USMNT is an honoring position but also a thankless job. The only way to garner the support of the entire fanbase would be nothing short of miraculous; winning the World Cup. Maybe they will do the impossible and accomplish that goal. However, that is undoubtedly a long shot.

You’ve been questioned about every decision you’ve made. Either you were “calling up the wrong players,” “starting the wrong players,” or playing “the wrong system.” Despite it all, you’ve accomplished incredible feats as the head coach of the USMNT. You’ve Mexico three times in a calendar year (all in competitive matches) and led the team back to the World Cup. None of the feats should be undermined.

You took over the team at one of the lowest moments in the history of the US Soccer Federation and got us back to the promised land. Doubters will say, “look at the talent at his disposal!” To a point, they are wrong. But those same people are also quick to dismiss that talent is very young. The average age of our European-based outfield players is 22 years. The USMNT is expected to be the second youngest team competing in Qatar later this month. This should not be ignored.

Just know that there are a lot of fans out there who are grateful for what you’ve done during your tenure. No matter what happens in Qatar, you should keep your head high, knowing that you were instrumental in this rebuild.
Now with that being said, we fans are expecting this squad to make it to the knockout stage. That is our only expectation. Anything less would be deemed a failure. I’m sure you know this and feel the same yourself. Coaches want to see their guys succeed, not personal glory or affirmation. The job is simple, win the winnable games and play for a result in the tougher matchups; I don’t think I spell that out too much.

The first game against Wales is fourteen days away. Let’s get the job done.


Published by Footy Foster

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