The end of yesterday marked 14 days that I had completed all tasks for 75 Hard. I’m still kicking myself for failing when I went down to Nashville. I’d be 28 days in after today if I hadn’t failed. But, I’m still learning that failure is just a part of life, an important one. Failure teaches us things; failure helps us grow; failure lets us know that we put in an effort. So while I wish I was 28 days into 75 Hard and not half that amount of time, I’m proud that I am 14 days in – two whole weeks. I’m pleased that I restarted. I’m proud of who I am becoming.

Original Day 1 Photo (March 2nd, 2022)
Progress Photo From Last Night (March 29, 2022)

The proof is in the pudding in these two progress photos. I didn’t think I looked all that bad when I started back at the beginning of the month. However, every time I see that picture now, I cringe. I am developing abs for the first time in my twenty-six years on this planet. My man tits are disappearing; my love handles as well. I’m taking on more “work” in my day-to-day life than I was a month ago. I’m pushing myself harder than I ever thought possible. 75 Hard is a cheat code to immense growth. Last night, I was talking on the phone with my lady friend, and she asked me what I’m going to do when 75 Hard is over. I’m going to keep the principles in place, the reading, the workouts, everything. This lifestyle has become my new normal, and I love it.

I’ll probably make tweaks to the diet. One of my workouts every day is a 45-minute walk – I’ll probably make it a 30-minute walk instead. I already drank about a gallon of water every day before starting 75 Hard, which will remain in place. The best part for me has been the reading. I used to dread reading. Now, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Learning is essential to human growth. So I want to read and learn as much as I can every day that I continue to draw breath.

75 Hard Diet

So I believe I have mentioned that I have been on a vegetarian diet for 75 Hard this go around, and I want to illustrate what that looks like for me daily. In addition, I have been tracking calories with “My Fitness Pal” to make sure I’m not eating too much or too little. It also helps me make sure I’m staying in a healthy range as far as nutrients and macros are concerned. The app makes it very easy to track all of this information. Getting started can be a pain, but if you are eating the same things consistently as I am, it only gets easier the longer you do it.


I will have some variations for breakfast depending on what exercise I am taking on later in the day. Typically, I will eat Kodiak Cakes Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal made with oat milk, an everything bagel, and a banana. Black coffee is a given. Lastly, I’ll occasionally have a glass of oat milk mixed with chocolate-flavored super greens.


For lunches, I typically will eat another bagel or cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with some good organic butter, a Kind bar, some more fruit, and maybe a handful of Planters pistachio mix (YUM). Lunch is the most consistent meal of every deal, and I tend not to eat it all at once; instead, I will spread it out over a few hours. One variation I will have with lunch is, if I play soccer in the middle of the day, I will go to chipotle for lunch. My order is white rice, sofritas, fajita veggies, red tomatillo salsa, green salsa, cheese, and a bag of chips depending on caloric/carbohydrate needs for the day. S/O Chipotle.


For dinners, I have had just a few go-to meals that I enjoy. The first is a “Hello Fresh: Inspired Meal, which they call Korean Bimbibop. I also make Potato Tacos, or Potato Taco bowls, depending on where I’m at for carbs on the day. Lastly, pasta with either organic alfredo sauce or tomato sauce with plant-based sausage is becoming a staple. It’s quick and easy and always hits the spot. I can link my recipes in a later blog if anyone is interested. On Friday night of this past week, I made a homemade pizza. I’ve really been craving pizza and figured the healthiest way to eat pizza was to make it myself with good fresh ingredients. 

75 Hard Exercises

So as far as a workout “routine,” I don’t have it nailed down to an exact science. I go on a 45-minute walk outside every day, usually in the morning hours. On Wednesdays and Fridays, I play indoor soccer. At least once a week, I have the chance to play basketball; the day varies, though. So on days in between high strain activities, such as basketball and soccer, I will keep my workouts relatively light to help my body recover (S/O). Whoop. That could be riding the exercise bike or elliptical machine, or the occasion lift, with my friend Dillon. I also get in a core workout three times a week. I do sit-ups, planks, Russian twists, crunches, amongst others. The most important thing I do is listen to my body daily. 


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