As of this week in the Prem, every single team has lost a game. Two teams are tied at the top of the table, both residing in Merseyside. The top eight teams are all within three points of each other. Of the teams in the top eight, only two of the clubs are ‘Big Six’. Manchester United sit in a dreadful fifteenth, City in thirteenth. This coming after a year where the Premier League season seemed to be a formality as early as January 19th when Liverpool defeated Manchester United 2-0 at Anfield to open up a 16 point lead in the table with a game in hand. The typical parity is back in a big way so far this year, and seems poised to stay. While City and Liverpool are still the favorites to win the league, Everton, Leicester, and Leeds are all listed at 60/1 odds or higher to win the league themselves. Everton have better odds to win the league than Arsenal.

None of the Big Six clubs have been spectacular so far. Liverpool’s potential for sheer brilliance remains, but have looked vulnerable early on. Part of the reason City and United are so low in the table is the fact that they have played one less match than most clubs. Although this is true, they have both dropped points to sides they should beat. It seems like a year in which a select few clubs will struggle immensely, and the middle to top sides will just beat on each other all season long.

This was also a week in which goals were finally at a premium. Only 19 efforts found the back of the net, easily the lowest goals/game average of the year (1.9/game). Six sides went scoreless. Three games with three goals, the other seven seeing two or less. And of course the scoreless draw in Old Trafford. So what do we expect out of the rest of this season? Hard to say. And that seems like an unfair thing to say, but practically every team that is expected to contend for the title the rest of the way have had great performances, (ie Tottenham against Manchester United) and have had god awful performances (ie Manchester United against Tottenham). Sorry for that United fans, the same could be said of the champs who were blown away by Villa a few weeks back.

Here’s the table and results from the weekend for reference.

Last Week’s Picks

Pick: Everton +150

Result: Loss

Score: Southampton 2-0

The team that currently sits atop of the table, Everton, finally saw defeat as their side of ten men saw defeat 2-0 to Southampton. The fact that they had ten men had nothing to do with the fact that they lost, as the goals they conceded occurred in the first half, and the red was shown in the 72′. Everton were without Richarlison, James Rodriguez, and their Skipper Séamus Coleman. Southampton have had two positive results against strong sides, coming off of a 3-3 draw to Chelsea. So, maybe this was a bad pick all things considered, but I do not particularly regret this pick. Everton are quality even with a few pieces missing, key pieces albeit. The season is a learning process, and maybe we learned not to bet on a side has key injuries/suspensions of this magnitude.

Pick: Aston Villa +120

Result: Loss

Score: Leeds 3-0

Well this one kind of set the tone for my weekend of picks. It was fairly back and forth in the scoreless first half, both teams seeming likely to get the game going. Patrick Bamford eventually did break through, and subsequently break down Aston Villa with a wonderful hat trick. All three of his goals were the end product of ‘Bielsa Ball’. The first goal he was in the right place at the right time as a saved shot fell in his path unobstructed. The next two were both team and individual brilliance. This one was always a toss up, and the scoreline was slightly unfair to Villa, although entirely fair to Leeds if that makes any sense. I’ll take the L.

Pick: United/ Chelsea Over 3.0

Result: L

Score 0-0

Weather may have played a factor in this match. I personally don’t think this should be an excuse but to each their own. I think they both may have been scared to lose the match in an all out effort to win the match. I really expected both teams to come out and attack with efficiency and intensity, but that wasn’t the case as only five shots found the target forcing saves. So again, just off on this one.

Pick: Leicester +285

Result: Win

Score: Leicester 1-0

Of course the pick I get right is against my own team. This is the pick you make to give yourself a form of insurance. If the bet loses, it means your team got a positive result. If it wins, your side loses points and the game, but you look like a cynical genius and win money. The ultimate win win. Although this is part of the reason I made this pick, the fact remains that Leicester have just looked better than Arsenal this year. Jamie Vardy scored, Aubameyang did not, a storyline consistent with the season so far. Vardy has six goals in five goals so far, while Auba has 1 in 6.

Pick: Tottenham -1

Result: Push

Score: Tottenham 1-0

Well, we were half right on this one. Tottenham come away with a win thanks to another Kane-Son connection for a goal. The goal was splendid, a corner lofted in found the head of Kane, who flicked it on the Son making his run towards the goal. From there, Spurs were just content with securing the 3 points. Can’t say I blame them with how end of game scenarios have gone for them so far this year (see: this , also: this lol). And don’t get too mad Tottenham fans, I’m a self aware Arsenal fan.

Results for the week: 1-3-1

Not great, but Arsenal being Arsenal saved my ass. Back to back winless weeks would have been a bad look. Champions League and Europa are back this week, and matchweek seven starts Friday afternoon with Wolves v Palace. I’m back tomorrow with goals of the week, and out until Thursday evening or Friday morning. I’ll keep ya posted.

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