Mouth-Watering NBA and NFL Futures

I consider myself to be a fan of damn near every major American sport, but it is very difficult for me to care about the Major League Baseball season all the way through the year. 162 games a year, and rosters that change more than a teenage girl getting ready for a party, it’s a lot to keep up with. Basketball and football are the sports that really grab my attention. Obviously, we are in the offseason for both. NBA free agency is basically over, and so is the summer league. Players report for NFL training camp this week, but the season doesn’t officially begin until September. So, I’ve decided to compile a few future bets for these leagues that I think could be incredibly profitable. Future bets are similar to stocks in a sense. You want to find teams that you think have long term value or may be undervalued at the moment.

So, I looked at futures for the upcoming NBA, and NFL seasons, and picked four teams for each, that I believe have a lot of value. Obviously, only one bet will ultimately end up winning. However, if you play the numbers correctly, you can place several future bets and still have a net win for your money.


Chargers +1600Image result for philip rivers

The Chargers are absolutely loaded with talent across the board. They led the league in Pro Bowlers last season with seven, and return all of those players. Offensively, the Bolts ranked 11th overall, and 6th in scoring. Led by long-time starter Phillip Rivers, they have a balanced attack. They are neither dependant on the run or throw but can do both well. Melvin Gordon, despite only playing in 12 games scored 10 touchdowns, which tied his career-high. Backup running back Austin Ekeler proved to be a solid counterpart, averaging 5 yards a carry on 106 touches.

Defensively, its a similar story, talent across the board. However, most of the talent is on the defensive line. Not a bad place to hoard the talent, truth be told. Two pro bowl caliber pass rushers in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. They added veteran Thomas Davis from Carolina. They also have incredible playmakers in the secondary second-year player Derwin James, and veterans Casey Hayward and Desmond King.

Last season, the Chargers lost to eventual champions in the Patriots. No shame in losing to the champs. I’m not exactly saying I think the Chargers will hoist the Lombardy Trophy the season, however, I do expect them to be a real threat to do so. Predicting what will happen in the NFL is harder than any other sport. With that being said, I think there is value with the Chargers in this spot.

AFC West Rivals Kansas City are the gem of the league this year because of transcendent young star Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs are +800 to win the Super Bowl on Bovada. That is two times better odds than the Chargers are getting. Overall, I think the teams are a lot closer than those odds indicate. The Chargers did win the division last year and have a much more balanced team. A $1000 bet on the Chargers would win you $16,00. A $1,000 bet on the Chiefs would win you exactly half of that.

Colts +1400

Image result for andrew luck

I like the Colts for a lot of the reasons I like the Chargers. They’re young, loaded with talent, and heavily undervalued.

Unlike the Chargers, the Colts are favored to win their division. They have a much improved offensive line and have added talent to their defense and wide receiver units throughout the offseason.

They added veteran Justin Houston from KC and veteran receiver Devin Funchess from Carolina. I like both additions a lot. Houston is a little older, but can still be a valuable presence for a young defense, and will help them get after opposing quarterbacks more effectively. He and Jabal Sheard should give them a good pass rush game, to support Darrius Leonard who is a jack of all trades defensively. Funchess should help get T.Y. Hilton more space to work, as well as give Andrew Luck a big target in the red zone.

The biggest question mark for this team is the cornerback position. Despite this, I still like the Colts for the season. After starting last season 1-5, they had a quick turnaround to finish 10-6. Ultimately their season ended at the hands of the Chiefs. I believe they will start this season much faster. The division is definitely theirs for the taking. The Jags will be starting over with Nick Foles at the helm of the offense, The Titans are still trying to figure things out with Mariota, and the Texans are perpetually full of potential, but never seem to take the leap. They have the best QB and offensive line in the division, which is enough for me. At +1400, a $1,000 bet would pay you a cool $14,000 if the Colts can win it all.

Packers (+1800)

It’s no secret, last season the Packers struggled. Heavily. Finishing the season 6-9-1, it was one of the worst seasons they have experienced with Rodgers at the helm for all 16 games. I don’t see that trend continuing this season. Rodgers is still one of the game’s premiere snap callers. They had two first-round draft picks this offseason, which they used to bolster the defense. They also acquired talented safety Adrian Amos from division rival Chicago.

On paper, the defense is stacked in every position group. They were solid in the passing game but struggled to stop the run. Adding Rashan Gary from Michigan should help Kenny Clark in the middle. Their inability to stop the run was ultimately the downfall of the defense, but I fully expect them to tighten up heading into the new season.

The question mark comes on the offensive side of the ball. Overall, they didn’t struggle to move the ball. They struggled however on third down, converting just 36% of the time, as well in the running game where they ranked 22nd league-wide. There still isn’t a lot of talent around Rodgers besides Devonte Adams. Running back Aaron Jones came on strong towards the end of the season, scoring 6 of his 8 touchdowns in the last 6 games of the season. If he can carry forward momentum, they can solve a lot of their problems on offense.

I like the Packers to win the division. Despite my obsession with the career of former UNC quarterback Mitch Tribusky, I still don’t trust him enough to take over the division from the hands of Aaron Rodgers. Same goes for Kirk Cousins and Matt Stafford. I think Rodgers is the only transcendent quarterback in the division and will overcome with a new head coach. At +1800 the Packers winning the Super Bowl would win you $18,000 on a $1,000 bet. Also, just for fun, at +190 to win the division, a $1,000 bet would bring home $1,950.

Saints (+850)

The Saints come in as my favorite pick to win the title. I think the Saints have everything you want from a Super Bowl-winning team. MVP caliber QB in Drew Brees, an incredible offensive line, and balance from the receiving corps. On defense, they’re loaded. They get after the quarterback effectively and efficiently. They have 4 legitimate All-Pro level players in the secondary. This is just a scary team. They came one controversial call away from appearing in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. My biggest concern with the team is overcoming the fog of that call going into this season. This is the kind of thing that can derail a team. However, I believe this team is going to be great again.

In the division, the Panthers appear to have gotten slightly better, but Cam Newton is inconsistent. The Falcons haven’t been the same since they let the Patriots come back and beat them in the Super Bowl in 2017. The Bucs are the new Browns. Much like the Colts in the AFC South, the NFC South should be the Saints for the taking,

At (+850) this is the least valuable bet on the board. However, a $1,000 bet would still win you $8,500. That’s a pretty good return for a very talented team. Furthermore, you may as well bet on them to win the South. On Bovada they are priced at (-180). In other words, a $1,000 wager wins you $555.

All in all, if you bet $1,000 on all four of these teams to win, and one of them does win, the least that you could win is $8,500. Which would be a return of $4,500. If the Packers end up winning it all, you would win $18,00 plus your original investment of $1,000 for $19,000. This would result in a net gain of $15,000. Not bad for just watching football every Sunday of the fall.


NBA futures don’t offer anywhere as much value as NFL futures can. This is because basketball is much more of a talent-driven sport, and it is very easy to spot the talent. The Lakers are the favorites heading into next season, largely in part of the addition of Anthony Davis to the roster that already included a little someone named LeBron James. The Clippers come in at +333 because of the additions of Paul George and reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. The Bucks have the third-highest odds at +500, with reigning league MVP Giannis Antentokoumpo. These are arguably the three most talented squads in the league, and one of them is very likely to win the title. Of the three I believe the most likely to win is the Los Angeles Clippers.


Kawhi Leonard Paul George LA Clippers Poster

The Clippers were already a good team last year, despite not having a superstar talent. Led by Patrick Beverly, and 6 Man of the Year Lou Williams, the Clippers put up an incredible fight against the full strength Warriors in the first round of the playoffs. They took them to 6 hard-fought games. Then they added two of the best two-way players in the world in the summer. They have a Hall of Fame-bound coach in Doc Rivers. They have three All-NBA defenders. They have versatile scoring. They have everything you’d want in an NBA team. Not only do I think they’re the best team in Staples Center, I think they’ll be the best team in the league this season.

At +333 they do give you value in a future bet. I expect them to take care of Kawhi and Paul George during the regular season much like Toronto did last season. So by the time next April comes around, they’ll be more than ready for the second season. At +333, a $1,000 bet would win you $3,300 if they do indeed win the championship.

Warriors +1100

Image result for steph curry

So I’m in love with this number for Golden State. I understand they just lost the best player in the world (Kevin Durant) to the Nets, and Klay Thompson will be unavailable until March more than likely. I get that they’re coming off a championship loss. I get it. However, I genuinely believe this team has all the ingredients to be a championship team. Stephen Curry is still an MVP level player. His defense is underrated. He is the unquestioned heart and soul of this team. I think we are about to see another nuclear Steph season.

Draymond is still massively underrated. Last season in the regular season, he wasn’t really in playing shape. He knew that he could coast throughout the season because of the unparalleled talent the team had last year. This year things will be different, with Klay injured, and D’Angelo Russell being brand new to the Bay Area. I believe Draymond will have a spectacular season.

When April comes around this is going to be a scary team to deal with. The Western Conference is pretty loaded, but I believe Golden State will be in the same realm as the Lakers and Clippers. Sitting +1100 on Brovada, there is incredible value in betting on the Warriors longterm success. The regular season may be somewhat shaky all things considered, but they know how it to turn it on in the playoffs. A $1,000 bet on the Dubs would win you $11,000.

Bucks +500

The Bucks season ended in a disappointing manner to the eventual champs in the ECF. Despite this, they have a lot to be excited about. Giannis is still only 24 years old and is coming off of a spectacular season that concluded with him winning league MVP. The scary thing about that? He seems deadset on getting better and better. That is a terrifying thought, that is, for opposing defenses.  To me, it is a beautiful thought. Imagine that man with a consistent and reliable jumper. Wow.

They had a relatively quiet offseason, however, they did add Robin Lopez, twin brother of their current starting center, as well as guard Wes Matthews. Another year of continuity should see the gain play even better together, as well as allow each other to improve their individual games this summer. I think they take another step forward and ultimately end up in the Finals in June. The Bucks sit at +500 on Bovada right now. A $1,000 wager on them would net you $5,000.

Jazz +1400

The Utah Jazz are a very interesting team. Led by youngster Donavon Mitchell, they won 50 games last year. They were led by their defense, which allowed the second-fewest points per game in the Western Conference last year. This summer, they added veteran point guard Mike Conley, who could be the key piece the Jazz had been missing. He replaces Ricky Rubio in the starting spot, an upgrade on both sides of the floor. Last season, Conley produced 21 ppg on 43/36/85 splits. He also dished out a healthy 6.5 assists per game. A starting five of Conley, Mitchell, Ingles, Bogdanovic, and Gobert can space the floor with shooting and driving, as well as play sound defense on the other end. This should be a very fun team to watch develop over the year. The key to their success is if Mitchell can elevate his game any further to take this team over the top. This is my darkhorse pick for the year. At +1400, you can get a very nice return if the Jazz end up shocking the league. A $1,000 wager can net you $14,000.




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